Building envelope Inspections is a specific focus of the company. The inspections cover the installation process of exterior sheathing, all flashing, windows, building envelope paper, and exterior cladding material. Each product application is inspected for consistency with manufacturer's specifications, company standards and good construction practices appropriate for this area. Detailed documentation is an important part of the inspection process. Documentation is enhanced by photographs or video recordings.

Each inspection is performed with a detailed report given to the client. All documentation is kept on file for an indefinite time and made available to the client. These inspections can be expanded to meet the requirement of HB1848 for independent inspections. Construction Consultants of Washington LLC are qualified as an independent inspector under the condo law requirement.

Construction Consultants of Washington LLC are approved as "special inspectors" for the City of Bothell for building enclosure inspections to comply with weather barrier code requirements.

Quality Assurance Inspections are offered at the various stages of construction including foundation, pre-drywall, and final. Pre-drywall inspections are the most requested and offer the benefits of compliance with general code items to save wasted re-inspection time from code inspectors providing another set of eyes for the project manager to assist in adherence with quality control, and tracking items of repeated corrections that add cost to the project.